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Restoring Carriage Rails to Optimum Sawing Efficiency

No Downtime

Quality Service

Affordable Prices

Maximize your mill's resources.
Get the most out of your investment.

We have been grinding rails throughout the US with excellent results. In no way does this process damage your existing rails. Carriage rails are made of alloy throughout, and the restoring process does not “remove the hardness”or affect the durability of the rails. 



The most common problem is flat rail wear in the front of the saw, causing the carriage to roll sideways while in the cut. This is evidenced by the back-stand boards being thin in then middle and one-size at the ends. It also causes undue stress on the saws. Any V-Rail misailignment only adds to the problem.

Rail is restored in a logical and economical way.



A cost saving alternative to rail replacement is restoring the rails to their original condition. A rail survey can be made, giving you a survey map of the exact condition of the rails. The V-Rail is shimmed, aligned and ground to a laser line, removing all vertical and horizontal deviations. Grouted rails cannot be moved, so any deviation must be corrected by machining. The Flat Rail is shimmed, if possible, then ground level to the V-Rail.

Work is scheduled so that there is no downtime or loss of production for your mill.

Like New.

Worn rails made like new at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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